10 reasons to visit Madrid in summer

Why most of the tourists think summer in Spain comes to nothing more than Barcelona, Mallorca, and the Canaries? I personally believe that exploring the country should start in the heart of it, in its capital. Still skeptical? Madrid is great for holidays and here are 10 best facts why you should visit Madrid in summer!

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1.Madrid is the capital of Spain and, in fact, the heart of the country. It’s situated in the physical center of Spain and the square Puerta del Sol is the exact country center.

Puerta del Sol

2. Madrid has the second highest number of bars per inhabitants (after Cyprus). Plus, consider the fact that Madrid is the biggest city in Spain. Impressive, yeah?

3. What can be better than getting a refreshing drink in a bar on a hot summer day? Getting a free snack for it! Tapas are a huge and essential part of the Spanish culture. And there are so many kinds of the made from everything, that you might stay a little longer in the capital of Spain.

4. Want to experience how it feels to be a Madrilenian? Your experience won’t be full enough without living in Madrid weather. The weather in Madrid has the least number of cloudy days in whole Europe, especially in summer. How do they even live in this heat? Even more, these poor people have to work! But here it comes…

5. Siesta! Where else if not in Spain a long break to do nothing during a working day can be so legal? Spanish people talk a lot about the quality of life and it directly depends on how much free time they have. Having 2-4 free hours at noon during a working day in a capital? It’s Madrid, baby.

6. Madrid is the greenest city in Europe. Take a relaxing nap during siesta in one of its park. Right there, on the grass. What? All Madrilenians do this!

Madrid park

7. After relaxing during siesta, join a hot party in Madrid. Don’t be in a hurry, coming to a party before 12 am is early. Night parties usually start at 1-2 am.

8. Have you heard of famous corrida in Spain? I don’t suggest you see it, but in Madrid, you can visit the Bullfighting Museum. They say it’s worth spending time on.

9. Have a ride in the second largest underground system in Europe (after London and Moscow) and the eighth largest system in the world! Madrid metro has 320 km of tracks, 13 lines, and 326 stations.

The capital of #Spain is great 💞 🚶There are so many people, a lot of tourists, but I don't feel it. I freely walk even on the main streets exploring the city, enjoy my lunch break in broad parks, I take a free metro, eat out in cafes with fast service… There's a special place for everyone here! 🏃The only thing is it all lasts till 6 PM. Then streams of people flow out the offices / houses and restaurants to enjoy the day after a sultry day 😁  For me #Madrid is always smiling, talkative, hot and spacious 💗 Because I'm not afraid of any temperatures 😎 #RushAway #RushAwayBlog #RushAwayTravel #RushAwayLife . . . . . #travel #traveling #traveler #instatravel #instago #trip #travelling #tourism #tourist #instapassport #instatraveling #mytravelgram #travelgram #travelingram #igtravel #travelblog #turismospain #spain_gallery #total_spain #spain_greatshots #loves_spain #visitspain

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10. After finally visiting Madrid, take a flight Madrid — Barcelona, because it’s one of the most popular flights in the world!

The bonus fact. Do you wonder how the inhabitants of Spain are called? Spaniards.

Now you know everything.


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