Airbnb and Booking Discounts and Tips

Airbnb and Booking Discounts and Tips

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Just click on the words «Airbnb» and «Booking» in the text and get your discounts!


Not long ago on my Instagram, I shared with you my favourite services to book accommodation for my trips. They undoubtedly are Airbnb and Booking sites. I can say I’m pretty experienced in looking for the best accommodation for a short rent and I feel I have some really useful tips on how to use these both sites that I want to share with you guys.

I never had truly awful experience with any of these sites, but a couple of times I really wanted to leave my hotel/hostel right the moment when I saw my room. After that, I started choosing a place to stay more carefully. Here are the tips I follow now to make sure I’ll enjoy my trip to the fullest. = ~$15 (1000 roubles) off!

The first site where I booked my first travel accommodation.

  1. When chosen your destination, the dates and the number of persons / rooms, range everything starting from the lowest price.
  2. Apply essential filters: close to the city centre, guest favourite area, free wi-fi, breakfast included, etc.
  3. Choose the review scores starting from 7 and up. It really saved me a couple of times. Even if the score 6 seems pretty good, some of the important characteristics of the place could be really low. And believe me, you don’t want it.
  4. Make sure to read low scored reviews about a place you chose. If the drawbacks described are acceptable for you, book it. If something seems wrong, go to the next option.
  5. Ask for early / late arrival / check-out, ask about transfer or the cheapest / most comfortable way to get to the hotel. In many cases, they replied me to my email along with the confirmation letter and it helped me to get prepared for the trip easier and feel more confident and comfortable about the trip. = from $35 (or 2100 roubles) off!

My favourite way of staying with locals.

  1. When chosen your destination, the dates and the number of persons / rooms, set the maximum price you wish to pay for a night.
  2. Apply necessary filters: free wi-fi, kitchen, etc.
  3. Set the mark off for the «Search as I move the map» on the map. It eases the process of choosing from the options on the left when nothing constantly changes.
  4. When reading the description of the accommodation, pay attention to the feedback from other travellers and to the owner’s profile. Check both (the description and the profile) and make sure there are no comments like «the host cancelled the reservation 3 days before arrival». Imagine if it happens to you. If there’s at least one of the comments like this, I go to the next option.
  5. When chosen the place, contact the owner to make sure the accommodation is 100% available for the time of your trip. Sometimes owners forget to update the availability on the site.
  6. Ask the owner anything you’d like to know about the accommodation. I always ask what pets they have. Once, I almost booked a room in the apartment with a fighting dog living with the owner. Thank god I didn’t book it.
  7. Pay only on the Airbnb site and never directly to the owner.


I hope these tips will help you book a wonderful place to stay during your trips! Let me know what were the best places you’ve stayed in? Mine you can see on my Instagram account.

Happy travels!



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