«Finally, I bought a one-way ticket and took my flight». B&H Cyclus.

I travelled a lot as a kid with my parents. We had small trips to the desert several times per month, went on a big adventure once a year. When we moved to live in a different country we could travel only once a year. It was absolutely not enough. As a student, I couldn’t travel much either. I felt I was choked with routine and I was craving for freedom and new experiences. Finally, successfully graduated from the university, I bought a one-way ticket and took my flight Moscow — London — Bogota. 

It could seem a bit unfair to publish a post of mine, the founder of the site, on be blog cyclus, but I feel I have to share with you guys my vision of travel experience. I love reading your stories from different parts f the world and I hope you’ll be interested in reading mine. 

There, at the end of the world (according to Russians :D) was waiting for me my first professional internship at a university. I knew 0 of Spanish, but after a month living in Colombia on my Christmas vacation, I had my first solo trip.

You all know this feeling. Feeling of accomplishment, pure joy, self-pride and gratitude. It was amazing. 6 weeks later I went on my second solo trip. I expected it to be even better that the first one, but everything was different. After two weeks of moving from one city to another, hiking the mountains, swimming in the waterfalls and meeting tens of wonderful people (sounds like a dream, right?) I felt nothing but exhaustion. I just wanted to lie on my bed and do nothing. It absolutely wasn’t what I expected. But I seriously was tired of travelling… routine.

Meditating in New Athos, Abkhazia

From that moment of realisation why it happened I travel differently. What helps me keep harmony and comfort while travelling is rest and sleep. I prefer to spend more days on the road but have enough time to spend with myself with no rush. I meditate in the morning before I make it to a new place. I sleep well at night (if I not party, lol).


I don’t travel that often now, but several times per year I get my portion of adventures and new experiences. Being in harmony with myself, with the time and the place I’m at, I appreciate the beauty of the world: I notice all the unique details I meet on my way, I get to know new people and their culture, I pay attention to everything that is different.

I’m grateful for all the little moments of happiness, every piece of knowledge and everything I see on my way while travelling. I’m happy I didn’t give up and didn’t take it as an unchangeable fact that travelling is tiresome. I’m happy I could find a way to travel in harmony and notice the beauty of our world.

Diana Mirsaeva





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