Almost a Birthday girl

keep-calm-go-colombia-and-it-s-my-birthday“This is the time I’ve decided to start my blog. I’m here in Colombia almost for 7 months, but still didn’t write something about it regularly”. I taped these words on my laptop one night, and thought it was the first step. Haha, not so easy, baby! I still wasn’t sure, if I had to, I still didn’t have enough courage to write something , I still thought I didn’t have enough ideas.

Heh, several days ago it was already 10 months of my life in Colombia! Which means that I procrastinated this idea for 3 months 😀 Well, now I still don’t have much courage, but I want to tell and write. About my experience of leaving my country, moving to Latin America and traveling around. About my Rush Away. So let’s start!

And the next post for sure will be about “How I celebrated my Birthday in a really crazy way”! Or something like this 😀 *Almost a Birthday girl*

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