Russia 2018: Plan Your Trip

The Fifa World Cup in Russia 2018 is just around the corner and I want to invite all of you guys to my beautiful country! Finally, we know the teams qualified for Russia 2018 and it means it’s time to plan your unforgettable trip to Russia. In this post, you’ll find:

  1. the list of all the cities where the matches will be held;
  2. the specific dates of the matches for each city;
  3. the opportunity to easily buy your aiplane / train / bus tickets, book your accommodation, order personal transfer and rent a car;
  4. tips for Russian summer.
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Fall 2017: Fall in love

It is a strange weird feeling of sweetness and sadness when summer leaves and it’s a fall season. Days are still warm and sunny, while nights require warm sweaters and cozy blankets. Читать далее «Fall 2017: Fall in love»

Russian Banya in Winter

Have you ever seen people swimming? It’s not that surprising. Have you seen people «swimming» in snow? That’s what my new YouTube video is about!

Russians, as well as Finns and other northern nations, love to take a steam bath. Whether it’s +20°C or -40°C outside, it’s always a perfect time for banya (Russian sauna).

First time I tried banya was 12 years ago and since that time I’m waiting for winter to come as a little girl. This winter I indulged in steaming in Russian banya and wallow in snow and douse in ice water later!

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Watch the video and let me know in the comments below / likes your reaction and if you’d dare to do the same!

Carnival around the world: Russia, Colombia, Brazil. How to prepare.

After the New Year celebration, the world is waiting for something to celebrate… And incredible February brings lots of carnivals around the world to celebrate life! Planning to join one or curious how it goes? Check out how to get prepared!  Читать далее «Carnival around the world: Russia, Colombia, Brazil. How to prepare.»

Half a year later of How it feels to be back to your country

After going back and being back to my country, I still have something to share with you guys. It has been half a year since I’m back to Russia after my long trip. It still feels like a part of a journey.  Читать далее «Half a year later of How it feels to be back to your country»

Russian winter YouTube video: skiing in a forest

It’s winter time over here and most of people think that Russians don’t leave their houses and stop their life during intensely cold weather. Actually it’s the opposite! Читать далее «Russian winter YouTube video: skiing in a forest»

Long story short: What travelling has taught me

I was away from home for about two years, was not only travelling, but living abroad. It was time full of wonderful discoveries, great moments and priceless experience. I still feel blessed it happened to me.

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