Does anyone else feel like this?

Does anyone else feel like this?

I’m sure does. Because we are not the only ones experiencing emotions and not alone in our experiences.Every day I wake up, mainly, in a really good mood, smiling and deeply feeling gratitude for everything that I have, for every single detail. Happy because of a fresh start and feeling physically well.

Wait, it’s not a dreamy post.

I wake up grateful that all the negative emotions, useless expectation and self-criticism are left in yesterday. I feel good because I don’t feel bad (hope you understand what I want to say with this number of words).

It sometimes (but, luckily, not often) happens that I feel down, stressed and even useless at the end of the day with an overwhelming sense of anxiety. Even if nothing special, nothing bad or truly negative happens. But I still feel destructive. You can add here anxiety disorders, feeling depressed, panic attacks, overpowering stress. At these moments I try to meditate longer before going to sleep and work those emotions through to fall asleep in a normal condition.

But I wonder, why does it happen? Why a usual day, when you wake up happy, becomes so sad? My version of what happens, despite physical and mental tiredness (that are okay), consists in «information dust», if I can say it so. All the movies/videos we see, all the podcasts/interviews/reviews and opinions we read influence us. Even if we are self-confident and understand how all the info we are getting during the day and let go through ourselves influences us, it still influences us.

Unfortunately, it happens, but on the other hand, we are the ones who let it happen. And as I see it, there are 2 ways out of this situation. First, we should carefully filter the information we receive that causes stress. It includes people we are talking to, movies we choose to watch to relax, the news we see to stay up-to-date on what’s happening in the world. By the way, for the last 4 years, I almost never watch the news on TV or on the Internet, I prefer to read them to avoid emotional or negative intonations of the speakers and hosts.

Second, we should learn how we perceive and respond to information. There are tens of relaxation techniques available. The easiest and most accessible way for me coping with stress is to work my emotions through in a meditation. I try different meditation techniques: to have a session about emotions/chakras/gratitude/negativity/body scan and I alternate it with each other each time. Developing mindfulness helps me be more resistant and enduring. Most of the time I use my favourite guided meditations. For more than a year I was looking for the best meditation app I can use anywhere and anytime that would be really helpful and not a bit annoying and finally, I found it. Click here to learn more. And no, it’s not a promotion and I’m not sponsored to do it. Try to meditate at least once a day and you’ll see the charming results.

Third, practising sports or just walking without a purpose makes us both physically and mentally healthier. It’s a natural stress relief that always works right. Here, I prefer yoga practice a few times a week. Even if I feel I can’t do it today because I’m so tired and down, I just know that it will definitely help me to feel better: more relaxed and happier. It’s just a matter of habit and willpower. Try different types of yoga to find the most ideal for yourself.

Now it’s your turn guys to share your experience with negativity, your ways to deal with it and your opinion. Comment below and let’s help each other!



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