Fall 2017: Fall in love

It is a strange weird feeling of sweetness and sadness when summer leaves and it’s a fall season. Days are still warm and sunny, while nights require warm sweaters and cozy blankets.

My favorite fall season is in Uzbekistan (where I come from). Where the weather is surprisingly comfortable and the color palette on the streets lasts for about 6 weeks. Isn’t it perfect to enjoy autumn with no rush?

Fortunately, falls in Russia are no less beautiful. Dive into the natural colors of fall 2017 with me.

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All the photos were taken in September — October 2017 in the European part of Russia. 

A little bonus tip: How you should dress up during the fall season in Russia.


Top: a T-shirt + a sweater + a dawn jacket + a rain coat + a scarf + a cap + gloves.

Bottom: leggins + jeans + socks + boots.

Enjoy consciously this magic fall time! <3


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