Holidays on Menorca. Perfect getaway.

Everyone heard about crazy parties on Ibiza and a top destination Palma de Mallorca. But what do you know about Menorca? It appears to be the best place for a relax mode vacation.

Recently, I’ve made a series of posts on my Instagram about life and tourism on Menorca, Spain. Let me share with you some of the curious and fascinating facts about the island. I hope you’ll like this format.

I stayed on Menorca for about a week in summer 2017 and I fell in love with this place. I chose a small and cozy town S’Algar for the needed getaway.

For the accommodation, I rent the apartments «Vista Faro» of the «Port Blue» 4-star hotel. It was a second floor 1 bedroom apartment with all the facilities included. Check it out in my YouTube video. There are a lot of hotels on Menorca, so you’ll easily find a perfect one for yourself.

On Menorca, half of the #hotel fund of the island are apartments, the rest are 3-/4-star hotels. 🏨You won't find here usual for the #Mediterranean coast huge high hotels. The thing is that according to UNESCO, #Menorca is an international biosphere resource where no high buildings can be constructed. 🙋Nevertheless, hotel capacity of the island can simultaneously house about 40 thousand tourists! 🏩Nowadays there are only two five-storeyed complexes built before the decision of #UNESCO. 🏡Today the law states: all the #hotels should not be higher than 3 floors, the roofs of the buildings on the island should be of the same colour as the soil, and the walls must be painted white. 😊It makes me really #happy: everything around looks so #harmonious and #relaxing. #RushAway #RushAwayBlog #RushAwayTravel #RushAwayLife #Spain

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Menorca is an amazing beach island. Wherever you go you can dip into the crystal clean Balearic sea.

Who said «nudist»?! 😱🔚 The nature of Menorca is quite unique. In the centre of the #island, there are green meadows with colourful accents of flowers. They say it reminds #Scotland there. Fresh grass contrasts with burnt by the sun rocky desert. #Menorca is a total mix of contrast images of the South and the North, the #Atlantic, and the #Mediterranean.  As for the #beaches, there are more of them here than in #Mallorca and #Ibiza combined together — about 120! Some of them are difficult to reach and absolutely exclusive. If you're a fan of a natural non-bikini way of having sunbaths, check out a #nudist #beach: 3 Km of sand dunes in the south of Menorca, in #SonBou.  Unfortunately (or not), I haven't been there and can't share with you guys any photos of that beach… Anyway, I'm sure I won't be able to post them here 😂 #RushAway #RushAwayBlog #RushAwayTravel #RushAwayLife #Spain #Balearics #sea #thebalearicsea #islandlife

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For more picturesque scenes of Menorca, S’Algar and Alcaufar towns:

Being on the island it’s inevitable to see the sunrise at least once. Here is how it was for me next to Cala Rafalet on Menorca:

The cuisine of the island is stunning! That was difficult to maintain a healthy diet, but the best part was I didn’t even have to do it! The main dishes are the seafood.

And Paella de Mariscos is a MUST being on a Spanish island:

I was waiting for this post to come out for so long! 🤗 How do you imagine #Spain without #paella? No way, right? There were two of us struggling to finish a whole pan of "Paella de mariscos" (=seafood paella) and we couldn't! But we took the rest to go and enjoyed it the whole day. 🍲 There are different kinds of paella: a vegetarian one, with meats and chicken, seafood or… I'm sure something else. All the species and ingredients mixed and cooked together… So incredibly #yummy! ⌚The only minus of it — you have to wait about 40 minutes for it to be prepared (in a good restaurant they cook it specially for you). Have you ever tried it? What's your fave type? #RushAway #RushAwayBlog #RushAwayTravel #RushAwayLife

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Leaving this heaven island wasn’t easy. But one thing I know for sure:

if I ever have a tough period in my life I’ll go to Menorca.

I live for the places I don't wanna leave. They enreach me, they give so much that I never expect, they surprise me and don't let my heart go ❤ This is exactly what I feel for this #island. This little town I lived on. The people I met, the experiences I had. The #sun and the #sea that embraced me every day 🌞🌊 If only you’d known how much I didn’t want to leave #Menorca! Even if it wasn’t fully my style of #travelling, I enjoyed it to the fullest! Usually I don’t spend a day on a vacation without walking 10-15 km, but in S’Algar it wouldn’t feel right. It was just #perfect to spend a few hours in the apartment listening to and feeling the breeze. To enjoy the pool and the #sunbaths. To slow down and finally give the full #freedom to my thoughts. I still try to keep a part of it inside of me and to advert to it when I need my #harmony and #balance.🤗 All in all: Menorca is the ultimate place to #RushAway for! I'll continue uploading videos about Menorca in my #YouTube channel, so subscribe and stay connected 😘 #RushAwayBlog #RushAwayTravel #RushAwayLife #Balearics #thebalearicsea #islandlife

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