If you hesitate whether Machu Picchu is worth visiting or not. | Day 11 of How to travel Peru in 12 days.

I always knew I had to visit Peru and see Machu Picchu one day. After some of my friends went there and shared with me their emotions, I’ve decided to postpone Machu Picchu for about 50 years.

I was sure nothing could ever be more beautiful and if I’d visit Machu Picchu in my 20-s, I’d compare every beautiful place I see after to the ancient city of the Incas.

Have you checked the previous part of my super plan yet?

You’re welcome to see the video of one of the previous days with the view of the lake and pure nature full of harmony and calmness on my YouTube channel.


Anyway, deciding where to spend my summer vacations I spontaneously decided to go to Peru. I just couldn’t leave South America without seeing this magic city. At the same time, I was afraid to have high expectations about Machu Picchu just not to be disappointed. The moment I passed the entrance of the Lost City of the Incas, I let go all of my doubts.

It looks like any other photo on the Internet, right? And it is REAL! No filters needed. Indeed!

Machu Picchu is incredible! It definitely is. There’s nothing like it and it can’t disappoint anyone.

A lot of people go there to meditate. Imagine! Hundreds (if not thousands!) of people cross countries and oceans to come to Machu Picchu and meditate! They believe this place has a special atmosphere. I believe it too. The spirit of Machu Picchu must exist. It’s a unique place that lives in a different time. Hours spent there feel like minutes. And at the same time, it feels you’ve spent there days. So relaxed and refreshed you are.


I don’t need to go to Machu Picchu again to see the city of the Incas. But I have to go there to dip into this atmosphere once again…

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