How to travel Peru in 12 days. Day 11: The biggest FAIL of the trip.

The day started perfectly: I bought the bus tickets to Machu Picchu, was at the entrance of The Ancient City on time, had enough time to admire the beauty of the Incas’ world. Taking pictures at every corner, filming the ruins, meditating in the rays of a morning sun, lying on the greenest grass about 6 hours passed. One of the best times of my life. No exaggeration! 

That was absolutely alright, I planned to leave Aguas Calientes after the noon.

Have you checked the previous part of my super plan yet?

You’re welcome to see the video of one of the previous days with the view of the lake and pure nature full of harmony and calmness on my YouTube channel.


At 12.30 my friend and I took a bus departing Machu Picchu and at 1 pm we were back to Aguas Calientes. It would be a shame to leave this pretty town without actually seeing it. And there are a lot of nice places to see there. Slowly we found a place to have a proper lunch.

Advice: Take a note that most of the restaurants located in the most touristic area of Aguas Calientes (closer to the railway), without notifying you (!), include 15% (if I’m not mistaken) in the bill. It is a law of the town and even disputing with an owner of a place or a policeman you won’t be able to change the final cost of your order.

As a little tradition to send postcards to my family and friends from the places I visit, I started looking for a post office. Luckily (thought I), I found it. But it was close for an uncertain period of time. I was already hopeless to send a postcard with a stamp of Machu Picchu, but the locals advised me to go to a bookshop, where they sell post stamps and cards. You can easily find it close to the tourist information booth almost in the centre of the town.

It was something past 2 pm, when we finally decided to leave Aguas Calientes and take a bus to the nearest town, from where we could take another bus to reach OllantaytamboWhen choosing the cheapest way to organise your trip, make sure to ask the locals the schedule of the transportation. In a few words, the last bus we had to take left at 1 pm and even no trains were available for the rest of the day. We literally got stuck in Aguas Calientes.

I already god terrible pictures in my head being bankrupt in Cusco and asking everyone to buy me an airline ticket go back home. The problem of the situation was that the next afternoon we had to depart home from Cusco.

Adventure is not a full experience without getting into a trouble, right? 😀 We booked another night in our hostel and bought 2 tickets for the earliest train next day. Extra night payment and $60USD are a noticeable spending at the end of a trip.


But, as I alway say, we’ll never care about the money we’ve spent somewhere, but about what we’ve seen and experienced during an adventure. And now, a year later, I can tell you for sure that it’s true! I still believe that the best way to spend money is travelling and seeing the beauty of the world! So,

let’s RUSH AWAY to look for Beauty and Harmony of the world TOGETHER!

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