How to travel Peru in 12 days. Day 12: Leaving Machu Picchu, leaving Peru…

Day 12: Leaving Machu Picchu, leaving Cusco, leaving Peru…

If you plan to leave Aguas Calientes the same day as visiting Machu Picchu, there can be two ways: take a train or reach Ollantaytambo on foot & by bus. Anyway, you have to keep in mind that you might fail to do it as I did. You have to buy train tickets from Machu Picchu in advance (or there will be nothing left) or leave Aguas Calientes by bus before 1 pm. If you decide to do it after (as I planned to do), you’ll fail.

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You’re welcome to see the video of one of the previous days with the view of the lake and pure nature full of harmony and calmness on my YouTube channel.



Leaving Machu Picchu…

The day before, when my friend and I were late for the bus and there were no available train tickets from Machu Picchu, we had nothing but to spend extra money (about $60) for a morning train ticket. I wasn’t disappointed though. We’d have enough time to go to the airport without missing our flight home. I was happy to stay in Aguas Calientes more time because it’s such a cute place to relax! All about that day you can read in the previous part of my super plan!

The morning of my last day in Peru came, I took a train early in the morning and… fell asleep. It was still dark outside. With the first rays of the sun, I woke up and saw all the beauty of the world… A mountain river that was next to our train during the whole trip; the snowy mountain peaks, the freshest air of Peruvian Andes… It was unbelievable. But still too cold.

The Peruvian Andes in snow

I couldn’t sleep anymore. I was remembering every single minute of my Peruvian adventure, all the cities I’ve been to, all the villages I’ve visited, all the people I met on my way… It was a moment of sadness. It is something that I had to experience, a once-in-a-lifetime experience that I’ve organised by myself.

After a year I still remember the smallest details of my trip to Peru that made it so spacial. Now I know how to travel Peru in only 12 days. Most of the people whom I told my plan were quite pessimistic about its success. «You need a week only to travel from Lima to Cusco by car, and you want to visit more places by bus?!» / «It is simply impossible to see everything you plan in less than two weeks! You’ll need a month to do it!» Honestly, these comments made me feel worried, but I was prepared. And I did it!

Now I know how to travel cheap, how not to stress out when something goes wrong. I feel I have to travel more because it gives me so much life experience, it makes me stronger, more creative and helps me discover my inner self. More adventures are coming, so

let’s RUSH AWAY to look for Beauty and Harmony of the world TOGETHER!

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