How to make your day perfect: Ideal Morning Routine

How to make your day perfect: Ideal Morning Routine

Have you ever noticed how each day differs from another? And I don’t only speak about a great variety of activities we have to fit in every single day and how different they can be. But rather how uniquely we feel every single day? And I have found an answer for myself why.For many years I’ve been trying to genuinely become a friend for myself: to produce mostly positive thoughts, to concentrate on the good things, to fully appreciate what I already have rather than focus on what I didn’t achieve yet. From one of my previous posts, you already know how important meditation became to me. And this is actually the case it helped me with too. But let’s think wider.Not only a meditation a day helps me to create a better reality for myself. Morning routine itself turned the key and opened the door to clarity, groundedness, and confidence. Yep, a good morning routine every blogger tells us about these days.And thanks to those bloggers and YouTubers I started to think even about the possibility of getting my personal morning rituals. I’m grateful for this message I constantly read / watched / heard about. And I truly hope this post will help you as well.With no doubt, all of us have to create a unique morning routine that suits all our different personalities and lifestyles. It took me about a year to be able to proudly say: «I have an ideal morning routine!» (personally for me, specifically for this period of a lifetime.) So let me be daring enough to advise you these crucial, in my opinion, parts of morning routine that all of you guys should adopt. Morning Pages.

  1. Morning Pages

The same that happened with celery juice, I knew about writing morning pages: everyone just started talking and posting about it all of a sudden. «Ufff, another hype, again,» thought I. But wait. Actually, it’s the practice that goes directly from C.G.Jung’s philosophy and was widely promoted by
Julia Cameron in her «The Artist’s Way» book in 1992. Of course, as a bachelor of Philosophy, I had to give this ritual a try. Thanks, Jung! Basically, being the first thing to do in the morning (probably, after visiting a bathroom), writing 3 A4 format morning pages helps you reveal your sleepy unconsciousness and spill it out on the paper. To become aware of how really your brain works and your mind reacts. What’s important to you, what you’re truly worried about. The list goes on and on. As a result, having a deep conversation with your true self, after giving it a chance to speak up, you feel light and relieved.It wasn’t so easy for me to practice it, but this is the exact outcome I feel with morning pages. The first time I achieved some kind of satisfaction, was when I finished writing the 3rd A4 page. It was so hard to get any idea of what to write about. But when I did it, I felt its magic. So try it too, no cheating, 3 A4 format pages and not a line less. For me, it usually takes about half an hour.2. Morning MeditationLet me be short here. Meditation and its practice are so good. After having a chance to reveal your subconsciousness, give your conscious part of the mind to settle down and do its job. Help it shine bright like a diamond! Did you also sing it? If you get a «What is meditation all about?» question, visit this post, plus, use this amazing meditation app I truly love. Not sponsored.

3. A pinch of sports Make sure to add even a tiny bit of sports in your morning routine. If you’re not a big fan of physical activities (as I am), choose particular exercises / yoga asanas / light techniques that will help your body awake and make you feel good about yourself. When you regularly do something challenging, you’ll constantly be proud of yourself! Isn’t it amazing? Even 15 minutes of body activities aimed to dedicate your time to improve your health will make a huge change in a long perspective.

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For myself, I chose stretching, yoga asanas, and light body weight exercises. It barely takes from 20 mins to half an hour to complete. Practicing all these for over a year now made me more physically flexible, strong and even a bit brawny! Well, you can tell I’m proud of myself.

The biggest step toward making your days perfect is your decision. Be brave enough to start your mornings in the right way, be confident enough to spend time completely on yourself, be wise enough to contribute to your mental and physical health. I strongly believe the right and personalized good morning routine makes the magic. And I humbly hope my advice and personal experience will motivate you to take the right path.

P.S. What really motivated me to create this post is this marvelous day: the most important New Moon of the year! Not only Asian people celebrate The Lunar New Year, but all of us can celebrate life and manifest our inmost wishes and desires on the 5th of February 2019. Use your time wisely today and every day. Let your magical light shine!



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