Meditation: Harmony and Mindfulness. My personal tips and favorite meditation app.

Meditation: Harmony and Mindfulness. My personal tips and favorite meditation app.

Not long ago on my Instagram, I’ve made a survey asking my subscribers just one question: «How do you start your day?» The answers were predictable and I want to tell you why I’m concerned about morning routine and share with you a very easy way to make your life full of harmony and mindfulness.

First of all, comment below your personal answer in the comments below: «How do you start your morning?»

As you can predict, the most popular variants that I got from that post of mine and my stories polls were (from the most popular to the least popular):

  1. I want to start practicing yoga / meditation / stretching;
  2. I am always in a rush in the morning;
  3. I drink a cup of coffee / tea / water;

And only two people responded with a «meditation». They honestly made me very happy as I believe it’s the most powerful way to start off a day. And I want more people to understand the importance and the benefits of meditation in our daily life.

I personally start my morning with a glass of water, stretching, a 5-15-minute meditation and a gratitude journal (not mentioning essential morning rituals). I stick to it for already more than a year and I see amazing benefits of meditation on my wellbeing. This is what I aim to talk to you today.

I am often asked for tips and recommendations on how to start meditation from zero and how to make it a regular practice. Now I’m putting my cards on the table.

1.How to start?

Just do it! Yes, it’s that simple and that hard. Sit or lay comfortably, set an alarm for 3-5 minutes (whatever is more comfortable for you) and release any tension in your body and mind. Leave all the thoughts and have your mind free. Be patient yourself and don’t judge yourself.

2.What if I don’t like the process?

Try guided meditations. I’ve already tried a lot of mobile applications since I started meditating and now I have my most favorite meditation app that works for me better than others. It is absolutely free and has an endless (relatively) number of guided meditations, talks, and music. Learn more.

3.How long should I meditate?

The length of meditation absolutely depends on you. Don’t aim to meditate 15-30 minutes straight away, as it may be more stressful for you than calming. Start with 5 minutes and when you’re ready, make it longer. If it never feels comfortable, stay with 5 minutes, it’s enough.

4.How often should I meditate?

Every day. Regularity is the key to making your life more happy and mindful. First, at this pace, it’ll be easy for you to notice positive changes and benefits of meditation. Second, you’ll develop a strong good habit for years ahead. Third, the faster you’ll learn what’s good for you in a meditation practice and what’s not the faster meditation will become easy and joyful for you.

My experience with meditation.

I meditate every single day: right away when I wake up and before falling asleep at night. No matter how busy and crazy my day is I always have 5 minutes to spend with myself. And you do too.

I noticed solid positive changes after 2 weeks of everyday meditation practice and I was completely surprised! Now I feel more comfortable with any emotions I experience. I deal with any situation easier and faster as I know how to react (or not to react at all). I control my emotions with no effort and generally became more balanced.

If you want to make your life full of harmony and happiness, let go of all the unnecessary emotions that are stuck inside, feel free, balanced and more confident, try out my favorite meditation app and follow my tips. I believe meditation will change your life for the better!

Follow my meditation journey and my adventures around the world on my Instagram and YouTube channel, where I aim to encourage more people to travel mindfully and love the life!




2 Replies to “Meditation: Harmony and Mindfulness. My personal tips and favorite meditation app.”

    1. Sometimes it’s difficult for me too, especially when I am very busy. I tell myself that I will start with just a minute of meditation. It’s not much, right? (Then I increase this time up to when it still feels comfortable for me if needed.) Even if I have just a minute, I let myself relax and I am sure it will help me with whatever going on around. It helps me relax and accept meditation.
      In a few words, I just have a dialogue with myself and never do anything that doesn’t feel right.
      But if you aim to sit still for a long time, day by day increase the meditation time, try different poses or just lay on your bed. Tell yourself that you won’t force yourself sit when it’s too much. Trust yourself and whenever you can’t do it longer, just stop.
      The length of a meditation isn’t as important as its quality 🙂

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