My top 10 things to do in Gdansk, Poland

What do you guys know about Poland? Not much I believe (as I knew). But this country has so much to offer for a tourist: rich history, authentic culture, lush nature and a friendly staying! Even if you only have a few days, spend them in one of the prettiest cities of Poland — Gdansk!Honestly, I didn’t plan to visit Poland in the nearest future, but life always has a different plan for me. Spontaneously, after the announcement of official long Lunar New Year holidays at one of my online jobs, I decided to use this free time to go on a solo trip! I spent 4 days in the city next to the Baltic Sea and here are my personal top 10 things to do in Gdansk:

1. Walk an endless number of times along the Dluga street that is in Gdansk old town and examine everything there. From the first sight, it may seem that all the buildings are just huge ginger cookies (especially during the Christmas time), but they are real indeed!

2. See the city from above in the tower of St. Mary’s Church. The regular ticket costs 8 Polish zloty (≈ $2.5 USD). Note: they only accept cash! There you can also see the astronomical clock.

3. Buy some amber jewelry on a beautiful Mariacka street. The street is charming itself and full of local little amber shops where you can find a perfect present to bring back home. Also, notice all the gargoyles next to each building: they are a characteristic element of Gdansk architecture.

4. Take a tram to the Oliwa district and look at a usual life of the city through the window. Being there, don’t miss a small concert of organ music in the Oliwa Cathedral. The schedule depends on the time of the year and the day. Check it here.

5. Explore the Oliwa district and its authentic houses

6. Take an hour to just “be there” in the Oliwa Park. Even in winter, it’s really lovely.

7. Go up the Pacholek stairs to see the Oliwa neighborhood from the top

8. Take a train to Sopot and see its amazing pier, the longest in Europe.

9. Visit the Museum of the WWII in the city where the war began with the first shots fired at Westerplatte on September 1st of 1939. It’s a MUST. Even if you are like me, a person, who doesn’t like to spend time on visiting museums, when the travel time is short, I still insist on this point. There you can touch the history, learn people’s experience, see how life was during those horrible years.

10. The last, but definitely not least: become happy just because you are alive (you’ll get the vibe after visiting the Museum). Sit in a cozy restaurant next to the Stara Motlava river and spend a few minutes being grateful for everything happening to you. It’s so important.

Which of these would you love to visit first?

Have you ever been to Poland? Share your experience in short in the comments below! I’d like to know your feedback and find out your personal tips and preferences on visiting beautiful Gdansk city!

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