Peruvian Flute Music — My Youtube Playlist

One of the greatest things in Peru is its traditional flute music. I had a great opportunity to listen to it live when visiting Peru! Having started a visualisation of my trip to Peru on my YouTube channel along with the series of my blog posts «How to travel Peru in 12 days«, I try to use as many traditional Peruvian songs there as possible.

Thank you guys so much for your response for what I’m doing! It’s always great to receive your comments and messages! Many of you guys ask me what song was playing in this or that video. And today I’m happy to share with y’all my playlist with Peruvian music used in my YouTube videos!

If you have any suggestions or you’d like me to add there your favourite Peruvian song (free for the YouTube monetization), leave a comment below or reach me via the Contact form! Your name and your website will appear below the song you suggest 🙂

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