Russia 2018: Plan Your Trip

Russia 2018: Plan Your Trip

The Fifa World Cup in Russia 2018 is just around the corner and I want to invite all of you guys to my beautiful country! Finally, we know the teams qualified for Russia 2018 and it means it’s time to plan your unforgettable trip to Russia. In this post, you’ll find:

  1. the list of all the cities where the matches will be held;
  2. the specific dates of the matches for each city;
  3. the opportunity to easily buy your aiplane / train / bus tickets, book your accommodation, order personal transfer and rent a car;
  4. tips for Russian summer.

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The Cities

All the matcher of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia will be held from June 14th to July 15th in 11 cities:

1. Moscow


14-Jun Russia v Saudi Arabia Moscow — Luzhniki 18:00/16:00
17-Jun Germany v Mexico Moscow — Luzhniki 18:00/16:00
20-Jun Portugal v Morocco Moscow — Luzhniki 15:00/13:00
26-Jun Denmark v France Moscow — Luzhniki 17:00/15:00
16-Jun Argentina v Iceland Moscow — Spartak Stdm 16:00/14:00
19-Jun Poland v Senegal Moscow — Spartak Stdm 18:00/16:00
23-Jun Belgium v Tunisia Moscow — Spartak Stdm 15:00/13:00
27-Jun Serbia v Brazil Moscow — Spartak Stdm 21:00/19:00
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2. Saint-Petersburg

15-Jun Morocco v Iran Saint Petersburg 18:00/16:00
19-Jun Russia v Egypt Saint Petersburg 21:00/19:00
22-Jun Brazil v Costa Rica Saint Petersburg 15:00/13:00
26-Jun Nigeria v Argentina Saint Petersburg 21:00/19:00
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3. Kazan

16-Jun France v Australia Kazan 13:00/11:00
20-Jun Iran v Spain Kazan 21:00/19:00
24-Jun Poland v Colombia Kazan 21:00/19:00
27-Jun South Korea v Germany Kazan 17:00/15:00
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4. Nizhny Novgorod

18-Jun Sweden v South Korea Nizhny Novgorod 15:00/13:00
21-Jun Argentina v Croatia Nizhny Novgorod 21:00/19:00
24-Jun England v Panama Nizhny Novgorod 15:00/13:00
27-Jun Switzerland v Costa Rica Nizhny Novgorod 21:00/19:00
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5. Samara

17-Jun Costa Rica v Serbia Samara 16:00/13:00
21-Jun Denmark v Australia Samara 16:00/14:00
25-Jun Uruguay v Russia Samara 18:00/15:00
28-Jun Senegal v Colombia Samara 18:00/15:00
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6. Sochi

15-Jun Portugal v Spain Sochi 21:00/19:00
18-Jun Belgium v Panama Sochi 18:00/16:00
23-Jun Germany v Sweden Sochi 21:00/19:00
26-Jun Australia v Peru Sochi 17:00/15:00
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7. Rostov-on-Don

17-Jun Brazil v Switzerland Rostov-on-Don 21:00/19:00
20-Jun Uruguay v Saudi Arabia Rostov-on-Don 18:00/16:00
23-Jun South Korea v Mexico Rostov-on-Don 18:00/16:00
26-Jun Iceland v Croatia Rostov-on-Don 21:00/19:00
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8. Kaliningrad

22-Jun Serbia v Switzerland Kaliningrad 20:00/19:00
25-Jun Spain v Morocco Kaliningrad 20:00/19:00
28-Jun England v Belgium Kaliningrad 20:00/19:00
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9. Saransk

16-Jun Peru v Denmark Saransk 19:00/17:00
19-Jun Colombia v Japan Saransk 15:00/13:00
25-Jun Iran v Portugal Saransk 21:00/19:00
28-Jun Panama v Tunisia Saransk 21:00/19:00
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10. Ekaterinburg

15-Jun Egypt v Uruguay Ekaterinburg 17:00/13:00
21-Jun France v Peru Ekaterinburg 20:00/16:00
24-Jun Japan v Senegal Ekaterinburg 20:00/16:00
27-Jun Mexico v Sweden Ekaterinburg 19:00/15:00
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11. Volgograd

18-Jun Tunisia v England Volgograd 21:00/19:00
22-Jun Nigeria v Iceland Volgograd 18:00/16:00
25-Jun Saudi Arabia v Egypt Volgograd 17:00/15:00
28-Jun Japan v Poland Volgograd 17:00/15:00
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Even though the weather in Russia in June and July is pretty warm (approx. 20 — 35 degrees Celcius depending on a city), you might need a jacket with an umbrella or a raincoat. Whatever you might have heard about the weather in Russia, summer still exists here.

Also, you shouldn’t worry about safety. Just use your common sense and everything will be fine.
Have you got any questions about visiting Russia or the cities above, in particular, feel free to ask them in the comments below. Additionally, check out the videos on my YouTube channel about Russia.

Welcome to Russia!

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