Russian winter YouTube video: skiing in a forest

It’s winter time over here and most of people think that Russians don’t leave their houses and stop their life during intensely cold weather. Actually it’s the opposite! I love winter, when everything around is so white that you can’t open your eyes, when the snowflakes lie down on your clothes and don’t melt, when you can make a snowman, play snowball fight with friends… And finally get home after a long day out to make a hot cup of tea (you can add your favourite) and take a nap being wrapped in plaids.

I was literally dreaming about this winter after two years of endless summer and here it is! Every weekend I try to get out and go skiing across the river next to my house. I find so many wonderful landscapes, amazing views, so much calmness and natural harmony.

When I see this white beauty and greatness of nature, I feel I’ve meditated for the entire walk. The white color of snow has and an incredible influence. Every time I get home refreshed and full of energy. I’m extremely grateful to this time for its miracles and changes it brings me.

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To be continued…



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