The best Meditation App: my favorite guided meditations.

The best Meditation App: my favorite guided meditations.

In the previous post (meditation-harmony-and-mindfulness), I shared with you my personal tips on how to start meditating and told you how meditation changed my life. Today I provide you with the best meditation app and my favorite guided meditations from the best meditation app that I’ve been collecting for you during the past 4 months. Let’s start!

I’ve tried a lot of meditation apps and finally, I’ve found the one that suits me best. It’s absolutely free and has a constantly updating library of meditations and talks on different topics. It collects the statistics of your meditation practices, rewards you with various milestones. You have an opportunity to follow your preferrable teachers and connect with other users. This meditation app is called «Insight Timer» and you can download it here.

I have sorted my most favorite meditations by the topics and their length (from short to long).

Morning meditations. This type is my favorite as all the days I start with a quality meditation turn out to be the best days. And it’s not just words. It’s extremely important for everyone to set up a right energy to be productive and in a good mood the rest of the day. Especially, if you didn’t get enough sleep.

Body meditations. How often do you thank your body? How often are you grateful for your body? Learn to do it regularly with these best meditations designed to praise your body:

Here and now meditations. The best benefit of practicing meditation is get focused on what’s really important and fully live our lives. It means being every moment «here» and «now». These meditaions help you ground and come back to your reality.

Emotions meditations. These best meditations help you work with your emotional state and release everything that doesn’t serve you anymore.

Tell me about your meditation experience and let me know what your favorite meditation apps / YouTube channels / sites are. And which of these meditations you liked best!



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