«Travel is so much more beautiful when you disconnect». B&H Cyclus.

The word “travel” has become so overrated that a lot of us has lost track on what it really means to travel.

For some, it’s being able to check things off their bucket list, or being able to show off numerous stamps on their passports, or being one of those “I’ve traveled to 158 countries at the age of 20” types.

Don’t get me wrong — I have nothing against that. But, don’t forget, the true essence of travel isimmersing yourself into that country’s culture, genuinely getting to know the locals, trying out their unique cuisines, and doing something to contribute positive change.

Because at the end of the day, travel is so much deeper than just bucket lists, stamps, and a title.

As a blogger, I have to always document my travels. Whether it’s through videos, photos, or a write-up, I’d almost always be on my phone tapping away.

But it’s just this year that I realized, travel is so much more beautiful when you disconnect.

I know it’s hard, but I make it to a point that I balance my time between using social media, and unplugging from it all.

Passport Bites Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka

Couple of months back, I traveled to Sri Lanka.

On our second day, we booked a hotel on top of the mountain in Sigiriya where there was no internet connection, and just nature. Trust me, it was the most enriching experience I’ve ever felt.

The moment I woke up, instead of checking social media and scrolling through my news feed, I got up brushed my teeth, and just enjoyed the beauty of nature.

I listened to the sounds of the waterfalls, the birds chirping, the calmness of the wind, and to my own thoughts drifting away every second.

Ever since my trip to Sri Lanka, I make sure to set a certain amount of time for social media, then enjoy the rest of my day undivided.

This routine has opened my eyes to every place’s beauty, savour every single time I have with the locals, and gather as many memories as I can.

Taking time to disconnect from all possible distractions, and immersing myself right in the moment helps me notice the beauty of the world and keep harmony. The moment I feel I’m the one with nature and the locals is when I can finally say, «I traveled».

Sarah Zonio

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