Why is Italy so fascinating?

Italy has never been my dream destination. It has never seemed mysterious or extraordinary to explore. But now it doesn’t let go. It became a big part of my travel life. Italy exists in my mind every single day and it doesn’t seem to ever stop. The most unexplainable is that it all happened in a very short period of time. And absolutely unexpectedly…

Everything started this December when arrived in Moscow, I found out all my huge life and travel plans for the next half a year would never come alive. Brokenly, I’ve started looking for a tiny opportunity to rush away somewhere immediately. Accidently, Italy came up in my mind. Being adventurous as usual, I’ve decided everything in a few hours and in 2 days was on a plane to Rimini.

Curious how it all happened? Watch the video on my YouTube channel! <3

Till now, it hurts pretty much because I’m not there any longer. But why did it start to mean so much to me? That’s why:

  1. Italy is all about Italians. Their way of thinking, living, perceiving life.
  2. Openness, friendliness and hot temper of people.
  3. Their sincere self-expression in a free, loud, emotional way.
  4. Relaxed being combined with dedication to work.
  5. Traditions to spend nights in restaurants with someone who’s really important.
  6. Amazing food and wine.
  7. Stunning landscapes, sound road, and transportation systems that allow you to travel wherever your heart leads you.
  8. History and art that give a perfect combination to never stop exploring and admiring Italy.
  9. Small and tiny towns with a conserved spirit of ancient Italy.
  10. And of course, sexy Italian language that excels, at this point, Spanish for me.

Obviously, nowadays Italy is one of the most accessible travel destinations due to its costs and developed travel services. But I want everyone who travels there to feel Italy. To pay attention how they find themselves in this country. I want everyone to find something really special for them in this popular part of Europe.

I can say for sure I did it myself and it brought magic to my travel to Italy. This is what Italy taught me:

How could I possibly not fall in love with this? 💛🍁🍃 Always sad that vacation is over, but this time it feels deeper. #Italy was a perfect rush away for me. From everything that didn't go the way I've expected. Italy has taught me to express myself in a more open way. Not being afraid to be a little too loud, emotional or friendly. That's weird because it happened in a short time and, I'd say, naturally. Yes, this is it: Italy helped me become closer to who I actually am. It made me myself. And it feels so right 💖 And now I have a culture shock again being back home to Russia 😭 #RushAway #RushAwayBlog #RushAwayTravel #Rimini . . . . . #italia #italia #foto_italiane #travel #traveling #italyiloveyou #italianstyle #italygram #italytrip #italyfood #italianfood #italiano #gltLOVE #iamtb #travellifebc #femaletravelbloggers #igersitalia #rimini #ig_rimini_ #topitalyphoto #italy_vacations #imagesofitaly #travelingtoitaly #italiagram #travelsitaly #my_rome

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Now I clearly realize why Italy is so fascinating for me: because Italy appeared to be so close to my vision of life, so charming and so welcoming.

Check my most Italian Instagram posts of this December. Let me know if you feel the same about this astonishing country.

I never stop being grateful even in tough periods of life:

I'm never afraid to #dream, no matter how big or small. And the only resource it takes to come true is time. My friends told me, the universe has your back. And this is what my life teaches me too. I still learn to trust it more, to #enjoy in new ways and to be patient. This is how it's rewarded 😍 #Italy has been great for me so far ✨ 📸P.S. Follow my stories on #Instagram for more flashes from my trip 📷 #RushAway #RushAwayBlog #RushAwayTravel . . . . . . #italian #italia #foto_italiane #italyiloveyou #italianstyle #italygram #italytrip #italyfood #italianfood #italiano #gf_italy #colore_italiano #igersitalia #gltLOVE #iamtb #femaletravelbloggers #igersitalia #topitalyphoto #italy_vacations #imagesofitaly #travelingtoitaly #italiagram #travelsitaly #my_rome

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It helps me feel most of what I already have and enjoy what life brings me:

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